Common Secured and Unsecured Loans

Loans: A Guide to Common Loans and Scams

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    Throughout this section you will learn all about loans, including the primary difference between secured loans and unsecured loans and recommended loans that should be avoided. Also included is information about credit scores and ratings and how they affect your qualifications for a loan. You will also learn about where to get a loan and what type of information is necessary when applying for a loan. This section will also briefly touch on the most common types of loans, such as what type of loan a payday loan is and what personal loans are.

    Common loans


    Throughout this section you will learn detailed information about the most common types of loans. The loans included here are mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, student loans and business loans. The details will include whether the specific loan is an unsecured or secured loan and a breakdown of the different options for each loan category. For example, the mortgage loan categories include VA, FHA and bad credit mortgage loans. Also briefly included is information about bad credit auto loans, reasons for a business loan and the different student loan options.



    In this informative section you will learn detailed information about loan scams, including what they are and the most common types of loan scams. You will also learn valuable information about how to spot a loan scam and how to avoid them. Loan scams range from scammers seeking out those who are at a risk of foreclosure to scammers promising to make a loan without a fee. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is and this information will help you protect yourself from a possible loan scam.